Since 1997, APICAT coalition partners have been active in addressing commercial tobacco prevention and control within Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community supporting culturally competent prevention, education, and cessation efforts with adults, youth, and families. We are also committed to eliminating health disparities impacting diverse communities. We continue to work together to face new challenges, including emerging products (e-cigarettes/vapors) and the legalization of cannabis.

“Having the wonderful opportunity to work with APICAT has provided the most rewarding experiences and growth of my life.”

-APICAT Partner, Strategic Planning Survey

Coalition Partners 

Tiva Aga
Samoan Nurses of Washington

Lupe Anitema
Samoan Nurses of WA

Miae Aramori
Community Partner

Jackie Jamero Berganio
Program Manager
King County Department of Community and Human Services | Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD)

David Chung
Korean Community Consultant

Aileen De Leon
Executive Director

Siniva Driggers
Executive Director
Pacific Islander Health Alliance NW

Tracie Friedman
Lao-Khmu Association

Mike Graham-Squire
Manager of Youth and Health Services
Neighborhood House Rainier Vista Center

Joomi Kim
Executive Director
Korean Community Service Center

Violet Lavatai
Executive Director
Tenants Union of WA

Valorie Le
Loving Kindness Meditation Center

Lynn Nguyen, RN
Community Health Services
Public Health Seattle & King County

Minh-Duc Nguyen
Executive Director
Helping Link

Tammy Nguyen
Community Partner

Tuyet Nguyen
Loving Kindness Meditation Center

Norilyn de la Pena
Cessation Project Manager
Public Health Seattle & King County

Joon-Ho Yu
University of Washington School of Medicine

Susan Yang
Executive Director
Denise Louie Education Center

Samantha Yuen
Program Manager
King County Public Health

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

APICAT partners with the other Washington State Cross-Cultural Contractors to address commercial tobacco, vapor products, cannabis prevention, and other health disparities. To build community capacity, the Cross-Cultural Contractors work in partnership to plan and host culturally competent trainings and forums for key leaders and adult and youth community members.


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