Stay healthy, get your flu shot during COVID-19 pandemic

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The flu vaccine can keep you from getting sick with flu during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Washington State Department of Health said that we can all do our part to prevent illness and hospitalizations caused by flu and that his will help save healthcare resources for COVID-19 response in our communities.



• Quadrivalent flu shots protect against four different flu viruses.

• For people 65 and older, the High Dose flu shots contains four times as much flu virus antigen, the part of the vaccine that stimulates the immune system, to protect better against the flu.

• For those allergic to eggs, Cell-Based flu shots are grown in cultured animal cells instead of hens’ eggs.

• For vegans, Recombinant flu shots are produced using a method that does not require an egg-grown virus.

• Instead of getting a shot, there is also a nasal spray called Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV).


International Community Health Services also offers flu shots for people aged 19-64 at their International District, Holly Park, and Shoreline clinics during regular business hours. Walk-ins accepted. Appointments are encouraged. Make an appointment by calling the pharmacy:

Holly Park: 206-788-3563
International District: 206-788-3708
Shoreline: 206-533-2723

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